UN Robotics’ Intro

UN Robotics is a University of Nebraska at Omaha student organization composed of interdisciplinary robotics enthusiasts as well as experts that enjoy teamwork and socializing.

UN Robotics typically has three group building projects a year ranging from Omaha’s local Create Open to assembling a 3-D printer and Drone; in conjunction with building, UN Robotics typically hosts three to five events a year ranging from robotic soccer with glorified roombas to moderated discussions on Artificial Intelligence.

To join, simply come to meetings. Upcoming meetings can be found here.

UN Robotics’ Public Resources

Slack, messaging forum for project management and socializing. Join our Slack to get involved with projects and to get know your fellow UN Robotics members. To be invited:

        Ask a robotics member in person to add you
        email pr@unrobotics.org with the subject line “Request to join UN Robotics Slack”

MavSync, the University of Nebraska at Omaha’s student organization website. Join our MavSync page for weekly emails updates. Go to the events page on MavSync and click subscribe to add UN Robotics’ event to your personal calendar: